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Keith T. Koller

Managing Attorney

When dealing with your case, I bring talent, experience and a personal touch to obtain the best outcome possible for you and your loved ones...


Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, I give my full attention to all aspects of trial, preparation and appeal. With our team of investigators and our extensive experience in handling criminal matters, we can navigate for you the best outcome based on the evidence and the law. To each case I bring my all, and you can be assured I will work in your best interest.


With over 100 cases handled via Mediation and Arbitration, I can also also help you negotiate any dispute with your best interest at heart. As a recipient of the Witkin Award in Alternative Dispute Resolution in law school, you can trust I have both the skills and the experience to navigate any negotiation.


As a member of the LGBT community, I am personally aware of the many additional challenges our community members can face when navigating the court system and I am experienced at handling cases of diversity.


I am a strong advocate for Human Rights, and have volunteered with Lawyers Without Borders. In this capacity, I won the President’s Volunteer Service Award for my work with Lawyers Without Borders ensuring the fair trials of 119 defendants in a High Treason Trial in Africa.

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